Is Your Daily Vehicle Checklist as Flexible as Your Business?

If your employees perform HGV vehicle checks, daily van checks or safety compliance checks on machinery, it is important that the checklist suits the purpose.

Every business is unique. Your compliance procedures should be built around your needs. A generic approach to vehicle or heavy machinery checks compromises safety.

Many organisations still record checks using a paper defect book. These pre-printed generic checklists may be missing several key pieces of information that you need to record. Also, what happens to the information that is recorded in the paper defect book?

If you record electronic walk around checks then this "data" can be stored & analysed to give fantastic insight into your operational compliance.

A better approach to ensure compliance is integrating an electronic system such as the VehoCheck vehicle check app to simplify your vehicle defect recording, paired with the VehoCheck dashboard to manage your defect data.

VehoCheck gives you full visibility on drivers' vehicle checks being conducted and a complete audit trail of defect recording through to workshop repair.

Using an electronic based system makes defect recording more efficient, expedites repairs, monitors driver behaviour, delivers vehicle defect analysis, and ensures the organisation meet or exceed their compliance obligations.

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Lukas Gamble

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