Huge Improvements in VOR Time for Companies Using VehoCheck for Identifying and Rectifying Vehicle Defects

A sample of 31,856 vehicle defect repairs recorded with the VehoCheck vehicle check app show the average time from a driver reporting a defect, to a vehicle being repaired and signed off as road-safe was just 2 days, and an amazing 90% of these repairs (28,725) were completed within 24 hours of the driver recording the defect.

Transportation companies are more profitable when wheels are rolling. Implementing vehicle check and defect management software to assist with vehicle compliance can greatly expedite vehicle repair time.

The instant a defect is recorded by the driver, a workshop repair sheet is generated in the VehoCheck dashboard. All relevant parties are instantly notified and the process of workshop allocation and parts ordering can begin immediately. This means that the moment the vehicle returns, it can be in the workshop with everything ready to perform the repair and be back out on the road in the shortest possible time.

The choice is clear. Integrating technology within your transportation business, whether it is vehicle tracking, telematics or defect reporting, is fundamental in staying ahead of your competitors.

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Lukas Gamble

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